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One Sector to Watch During Q3 Earnings Season

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What should investors keep their eyes on as third-quarter earnings season gears up?

Kenny Polcari, managing principal at Butcher Joseph Asset Management, weighed in on his thoughts leading up to earnings season. 

"I think the market and the Street has actually already prepared us to expect a down earnings season. We understand that earnings I think are going to be down. I think the estimate is down 2% or 2.6%. I think within the 11 S&P sectors though, you're going to find strength in some and you're going to find weaknesses in the others," said Polcari.

"And I think what you're really concerned about is the weakness is going to be how weak, right? That's really the concern with people, right? How bad is it really going to be? They're not worried about the sectors that are growing because that's going to be a good positive story," he continued.

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