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They Were Fired, Then a Billionaire Investor Helped Them Build Home Depot

The incredible story behind one of the most popular home-improvement stores. How did Home Depot get to where it is today?

How are you building your portfolio? 

Home Depot (HD) said diluted earnings for the three months ending on May 5 came in at $2.27 per share, up 9.13% from the same period last year and group revenues clocked in at $26.4 billion. 

Despite strong earnings, comparable sales at the retailer were impacted by poor weather in the quarter, coming in at 2.5% and missing estimates of 4.2%. 

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History of the Home Improvement Giant

Ever wonder how Home Depot got its start? You might be surprised to learn that the founders actually got fired from their job at a home improvement center.  But, they got a second chance when they teamed up with billionaire investor Ken Langone to finance Home Depot. 

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