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Ad Revenue, Coronavirus, UFC: What We’re Watching Wednesday

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It’s Wednesday, April 1. Three of the top stories driving business and sports news this morning include the ad revenue loss facing the NBA, MLB and NHL, the coronavirus cases are over 885,000 worldwide, and one of UFC’s biggest stars is stranded in Russia.

What’s Next for the UFC?

Khabib Nurmagomedov took to Instagram to explain how he’s stranded in Russia and will not be able to travel to the United Arab Emirates. Nurmagomedov was scheduled to fight Tony Ferguson in a highly anticipated lightweight title fight but with Russia shutting down air travel, the current champ is stranded in his home country. UFC 249 was scheduled originally to take place in Brooklyn, but the coronavirus pandemic forced the UFC to move the location to the United Arab Emirates. However, UFC president Dana White seems confident that the event will take place as scheduled on April 18.

From Sports Illustrated: Khabib Is Out for UFC 249

Latest on the Coronavirus

And then there’s the coronavirus. There are now over 885,000 cases of the coronavirus worldwide, and there are over 44,000 deaths worldwide. The countries with the highest amount of cases are the United States with over 190,000 cases, Italy with over 105,000 cases and Spain with 102,000 cases. The countries with the highest death counts are Italy with over 12,000 deaths, Spain with over 9,000 deaths, the U.S. with over 4,000 deaths and France with over 3,500 deaths.

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About that Sports Ad Revenue

Finally, there’s no sports on TV. Sure, that may seem obvious, but think about the ad revenue. No sports means no games which means no commercial breaks during games. And Forbes and Media Radar say that--with the NHL, MLB and NBA on hiatus--this means that there is a $1 billion dollars lost in ad revenue for those three sports combined. The NBA brings in the most advertising dollars with $839 million. NHL brings in $120 million and MLB brings in $60 million. Ouch.

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