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Are Stadium Workers Essential Employees? What We’re Watching Friday

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Let’s go over some of the top stories driving sports and business news on Friday, April 3.

Stadiums are still being built, which brings into question who falls under the essential worker category, according to Sports Illustrated’s Bill Enright.The term essential is being loosely applied when it comes to building new stadiums, Enright noted in the video above. Right now construction on SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles which will be the new home for the Chargers and Rams, and the Allegiant stadium in Las Vegas where the Raiders will play and finally, the GlobeLife in Arlington Texas for the Texas Rangers all continue despite some workers at each site testing positive for COVID-19. The stadium in LA is scheduled to open on July 25th for a Taylor Swift concert and the stadium in Vegas is supposed to open with a Garth Brooks concert on August 22nd.

So, let’s take a step back and go over the coronavirus cases worldwide. There are now over a million cases of the virus worldwide, with over 55,000 deaths, according to data from Johns Hopkins. However, there are over 219,000 recovered cases worldwide. The U.S. has over 245,000 cases of the virus, with over 6,000 deaths. Spain has over 117,000 cases with nearly 11,000 deaths and Italy has over 115,000 cases with over 13,000 deaths. New York has now surpassed the 100,000 case mark. There were 10,000 new cases reported in the state yesterday, according to Governor Andrew Cuomo.New York City saw an increase in cases of 5,000, pushing NYC to 57,000 cases. NYC still has the seventh highest case count in the world. New York State has the fourth highest. New York reported 562 new deaths from the virus since yesterday morning. That is the largest single day death toll increase from any state so far.

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New York now has over 2,900 deaths from COVID-19. That puts New York State seventh in terms of global death toll. On the economy side, the March jobs report was released this morning. In March, the U.S. shed over 701,000 jobs. When FactSet polled experts, the expectation was for the U.S. to cut around 145,000 jobs.However, the jobs number is generally taken mid-month. Which means we are not truly seeing the full impact of the coronavirus pandemic on our economy.

And finally, watch the video above for a fun #FeelGoodFriday segment that includes Netflix’s NFLX Tiger King.

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