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As Facebook and Twitter Wrestle With Their Terms of Use, These Companies Are Taking a Stand Against White Supremacy

Many have publicly condemned the views and actions of the alt-right. These companies are doing something about it.

While social media giants wrestle with their terms of use and CEOs condemn the violence in Charlottesville over the weekend some companies are actually refusing service to white supremacy groups.

Airbnb dropped accounts of rally attendees in the days leading up to the event

Discord, a chat app for gaming has announced, following the events in Charlottesville, that it would shut down the server, one of its biggest.

According to Buzzfeed PayPal (PYPL) limited the account of alt-right white supremacist site Occidental Dissent back in May.

Crowdfunding Platforms like Patreon and GoFundMe have banned many white supremacist bloggers and Alt-Right personalities from using these services. This has spurred the creation of "Hatreon" in June. The service is currently invite-only but may be widely available soon.

Both GoDaddy (GDDY)  & Google (GOOG) have terminated the domain registration for the Daily Stormer after an offensive post concerning a Charlottesville victim.

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 Editors' Pick: Originally published on Aug. 15.