Women in America are making great progress in business, but there are still places that need improvement.

Only 30% of incorporated businesses across the top 50 metropolitan areas in the U.S.are led by women, according to a study by personal finance site MagnifyMoney. MagnifyMoney surveyed the 50 largest U.S. cities to find the best places for women who want to be their own boss, launch a business -- or both.

MagnifyMoney ranked the cities based on the following criteria:

  • Business income for self-employed women
  • Business earnings for self-employed women compared with wage earners.
  • The rate of self-employed women and women with incorporated businesses.
  • Parity of business ownership between women and men.

Cleveland was the worst ranked city and had a median income of $0 for women-owned businesses.

For a look at some of the other worst ranked cities watch the video above.

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