These Are the Sectors to Pay Attention to, Says This Market Strategist

What sectors should you avoid? Which ones should you pay attention to? Here's what
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Curious about the sectors that experts are paying attention to? 

Ryan Detrick, senior market strategist for LPL financial, says that one sector that LPL Financial likes is the financial sector.

"We like financials as the yield curve starts to steepen, and there's some good things going on there with the deregulation," said Detrick. He pointed out that LPL likes the U.S. They also like, as Detrick pointed out, the industrial sector and technology and--when looking globally--LPL likes emerging markets. 

As for sectors that LPL is watching with caution include utilities, and telecoms. The reason? They're more defensive. 

"Those areas we don't think are going to offer as much appreciation" as the more bullish areas, says Detrick. 

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