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The Scope of the Mexico City Earthquake Is Becoming Clear Through Social Media

It ominously happened on the anniversary of the 1985 Mexico City earthquake.

On the anniversary of Mexico City's September 19, 1985 8.0 magnitude earthquake, a 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck just hours after a drill. We are able to see the devastation of dozens of buildings reduced to rubble as thousands pour through the remains looking for people still trapped inside. It's grim to say the least, but rescue efforts are underway. 

Mayor Miguel Angel Mancera said buildings fells in 44 places, and at least 226 people have been killed according to ABC. The extent of the damage and injured or killed people is still mounting. 

If you want to help the disaster relief efforts, check out Charity Navigator which ranks charities so your money goes to the appropriate people and places. 

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