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The Ping Pong Game Continues, Jim Cramer Talks About the Markets

Jim Cramer breaks down what he's watching in the markets and he looks at the Salesforce earnings.
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Jim Cramer says that investors keep getting whacked with ping pong balls. 

He compared the market to a game of ping pong in an interview with TheStreet. 

Cramer also discussed his Real Money column and discussed Real Money's stock of the day, which is Apple (AAPL) - Get Report .

Here's what he's got his eye on this week. 

Salesforce Earnings

Cramer breaks down what he and his Action Alerts Plus team are looking at when Salesforce (CRM) - Get Report , which is also a holding of the Club's, reports after the bell Tuesday, Nov. 27. 

TheStreet's tech columnist Eric Jhonsa broke down the six main topics that investors should keep their eyes on.

  • Billings growth
  • Unearned revenue growth guidance
  • The revenue performance obligation
  • Business segment growth
  • Spending growth
  • International growth

Though its stock has bounced a bit from last week's lows, is still down nearly 20% from where it traded prior to its mostly upbeat July quarter report.

That might spell a slightly lower bar for the cloud CRM software giant, which is far from alone among enterprise software names in getting hammered during the recent tech correction, when its October quarter (fiscal third quarter) report arrives after the bell on Tuesday. On average, analysts polled by FactSet expect revenue of $3.37 billion (up 27% annually) and non-GAAP EPS of $0.50.

For the January quarter -- Salesforce provides quarterly and fiscal year sales/EPS guidance in its reports -- the consensus is for revenue of $3.52 billion (up 23%) and EPS of $0.57.

Here are a few other things for investors to keep an eye on as Salesforce delivers its earnings report and hosts a call at 5 P.M. EST.

Record-Breaking Cyber Monday Sales

Adobe Analytics reported that consumers spent a record-breaking $7.9 billion in online purchases on Monday, Nov. 26. 

That breaks the record for the highest amount spent in U.S. history. The previous record-holder was Cyber Monday 2017, which saw consumers spend over $6.5 billion online. 

The other interesting piece of data? 54% of those purchases came from mobile devices. 

Cramer says that this is something that the Federal Reserve will be watching.

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