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Ask the Expert: What is The Future of Cannabis Legalization?

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As the call for legalization of the use of cannabis is growing day by day, people are curious on when the whole country will part take in it.

By now, recreational marijuana has been fully legalized in 11 states, Washington D.C., and Colorado, and few other states are also getting ready for it.

So, when can we expect the legalization of cannabis in the entire country?

In our Ask the Expert series, Christian Magoon, Amplify ETF CEO, gives his answer.

"For cannabis to see full legalization in the next five years, we believe there's several things that need to happen," he said.

"First, the states act. This is a banking act that allows banks, commercial banks to really go out and work with cannabis companies and take them off this cash standard and bring them in as a true financial and banking partner."

"That financial system approval is going to be huge," Magoon added.

Magoon is hopeful about the future of cannabis.

"The great news is when you look at the voting population, the majority of US citizens now favor the legalization of cannabis. So, we believe it's just a matter of time here in the US until cannabis is fully legal for adult use."

Check out the video above to hear more on what Christian Magoon had to say.

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