The Crude Conundrum: What's Going on With Oil?

Curious about the oil sector? Here's what investors need to know, according to an NYSE trader.
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Do you understand what's going on in oil?

If you don't, have no fear.

Tim Anderson, managing director at TJM investments, discussed the oil sector, which has been seeing some tough times lately. 

"Universally, the traders--and even a lot of investment professionals--everybody played the Iran sanctions trade as wrong as they possibly could because the consensus was that it was going to $90, it was going to $100," Anderson told TheStreet.

"OPEC announces that they're going to make some cuts and Russia says they'll go along with it and now we're grinding along with it for the next couple of weeks. Trying to find--hopefully, trying to find that sweet spot that's good for the whole macro environment of consumers having a little bit of extra money in their pocket and also the energy industry, you know, not going through a tough time because of the price of oil. " Anderson said.