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The Catalyst to Push the Dow Over 29,000

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Dow 29,000?

It may happen sooner than you'd think. 

Jim Cramer is in Washington D.C. Thursday, so filling in on TheStreet's Facebook Live Show was Jeff Marks, senior portfolio analyst with Action Alerts PLUS. 

When asked what the catalyst to push the Dow over 29,000 could be, Marks responded:

"There's just been so many sell-side analysts upgrading stocks, raising price targets on stocks lately. It's been a lot of tech focus too. You've had a lot of Cloud stocks, see some positive research earlier in the week. A couple will by some FAANGs in the middle, and now we're seeing a lot of financials get some positive use. What's critical with the financials is, they're going to kick off earnings season next week. So expectations are certainly going to be elevated," said Marks.

Watch the full video above for more. 

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