The Brexit Breakdown: What American Investors Need to Know

Here's what American investors need to know about Brexit.
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Curious about Brexit, but don't have a British friend to pepper with questions?

TheStreet has your back.

Martin Baccardax, TheStreet's London Bureau Chief, flew across the pond to answer all things Brexit.

He answered questions from TheStreet's about Brexit.

And, don't worry, if you need to start from the very top, Baccardax broke down Brexit in 30 seconds.

Here are some of the other questions Baccardax answered. 

  • What is the Brexit backstop?
  • Why is it a problem is Britain reverts to World Trade Organization rules for trade if there is no deal?
  • Why is Europe so important to the United Kingdom if the biggest trading partners in the future could be in China, India, or Brazil?
  • What does Brexit mean for the U.S.? Will President Trump cut the United Kingdom a trade deal?
  • What happens to the pound in March?