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The Biggest Innovations in the Office Space Sector

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What the pandemic taught the white-collar working world very quickly was how seamlessly technology has allowed people to work from anywhere – the most obvious one being at home. That, in turn, is likely to continue to push forward innovations in the office space area itself, say experts. 

Indeed, ongoing innovations in collaborative communications software, cloud-based file, and document sharing, and more robust security platforms that allow people to instantly connect and share in a secure way will continue to reduce the need for people to physically work in one space – an office. It will also expedite the need to house things like physical files and equipment. 

In turn, the office of the future will be more temporary and transient in nature, catering to workers who come into an office space part-time, who travel to a different location temporarily, or who only physically enter their office space on limited occasions. Peripheral to that trend will be the accelerated rise in data centers. People will continue to work in hybrid environments, but digital access to the tools and resources they need to do their jobs will only grow, which in turn will mean companies turning to outside data centers to ensure their servers and other systems are reliable and secure. To be sure, centers like New York and Chicago, and San Francisco will bounce back – what experts expect to change is the permanence of the office, the desk, and the chair being in only one location.

In a free webinar, sponsored by Crexi in partnership with TheStreetCorey Goldman, Founder and Chief Executive of Goldman Communications, Inc. and Matt Werner, Managing Director at Chilton Capital Management discuss the topic further in the video above.

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