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Global Warming & Climate Change Have on the Economy

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Global warming and climate change, let's admit it, there are still some skeptics.

Skeptic, or not.  The economic damages from our changing environment is having some very real impact.

According to Moody's Analytics, global economic damage is estimated to be between $54 trillion and $69 trillion by 2100, 

Temperatures rising could have economic effects on channels like land stock, agriculture, labor productivity and more.

And the World's economies are also feeling the heat, too.

Let's just face it, global warming and climate change is no joke and there are many countries suffering because of it.

To name a few - Malaysia, Algeria and Thailand are among the top being impacted.

And let's not forget major oil producers that are also under the heat stress.

But surprisingly enough, there is some good news for some countries who will benefit from these changing conditions.

Curious about which countries those are? Well, you're in luck. Check out the video above to get the answer and more.

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