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This CEO Brought Home the Biggest Paycheck - $103 Million! So, Who Was it?

CEOs of the top 350 companies, the average compensation was $18.9 million annually. So, who were the highest paid executives? Watch the video.
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There is perhaps no clearer way to show the growing wage gap and wealth inequality in this country than in the salary of a CEO compared to that of other employees.

According to the EPI, these companies had a CEO-to-employee compensation ratio of 312-to-1. Though this is not the highest that ratio has ever been, it's an exceptionally high ratio, and the fact that CEO salaries are going up so significantly while other workers' wages stagnate is especially troubling.

Watch the video to see which CEO's had the highest compensation in 2017.  Here are just a few:

  • Hock E. Tan, Broadcom (AVGO) Compensation: $103,211,163
  • Mario J. Gabelli, GAMCO (GBL) Investors Compensation: $69,414,472
  • Stephen Kaufer, TripAdvisor (TRIP) Compensation: $47,933,462

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