6 Times Taco Bell Gave us Midnight Munchies

Fast food chain Taco Bell introduces Nacho Fries for just a dollar! Watch the video to see the fast food chains most memorable menu items.
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Taco Bell lovers rejoice!  The new Nacho Fries debutJanuary 25th at a Taco Bell near you.  The fast food chain is best known for being a late-night munchies stop and owned by Yum! Brands Inc. (YUM - Get Report) , will soon offer its own take on a McDonald's Corporation (MCD - Get Report) classic: fries.

The new menu item features thick-cut, seasoned fries and a side of nacho cheese.  Yes, nacho cheese!

The cost? The fries will cost you just a buck!  Well, at least for now.  To kick things off, the fries will be a part of Taco Bell's $1 menu.  Eventually those salty, crunch,y cheese fries will cost you more. 

So, with these new Nacho Fries coming out this week, it made us @TheStreet wonder - what other crazy concoctions did Taco Bell try to sell us? 

Watch the video for a mouth-watering look back at some of Taco Bells most memorable menu items turned late night munchies.