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Behind the Calculator: How Texas Instruments Built its Empire

Watch the video timeline for the history of TXN - everything from semiconductors to calculators.

When you read the company's website, (TXN)  says their mission is to "change the world, one chip at a time." And they may just be doing that! The company has one of the most diverse product offerings including semi conductors, satellites, personal computers and, of course, calculators.

Texas Instruments History

So how did Texas Instruments get here?  Innovative products like the first transistor radio are just part of the story.

Here are a few standout moments in the company's 85 year history:

1930. J. Clarence Karcher and Eugene McDermott founded Geophysical Service to provide for the oil industry's seismic exploration.

1951. Texas Instruments was founded from the growing Geophysical Service.

1967. Texas Instruments invented the hand-held calculator (a prototype called "Cal Tech").

1979. The world's first 16-bit home computer

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Oh, and there's so much more.  Watch the new video above for more, it's part of TheStreet's new series 'Behind the Label'.

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