Tesla's Cybertruck: Literally a Smash Hit, Though Not For Investors

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It was not the kind of smash hit that Elon Musk or other Tesla (TSLA) - Get Report executives were expecting - or shareholders for that matter.

The electric car maker on Thursday rolled out its highly anticipated, "Mad Max" and "Total Recall"-looking Cybertruck to much hype and fanfare, with the usual energized, light show-infused, music-pumping lead-up of a big auto reveal.

The unveiling of what Musk himself hopes will re-define the ubiquitous pickup truck that dominates North American roads and highways was relatively flawless - at least until it came time to demonstrate the vehicle's shatter-proof and purportedly bulletproof windows.

"Oh my f*** God," Musk muttered after an aide hurled a metallic ball at the front window in real time - a test that was intended to show its durability - and instantly shattered it. The back panel of the truck was also smashed during the stunt, leaving Musk visibly stunned.

Reaction in social media was both swift and fierce, not only to the botched demonstration but to the design of the truck itself, which drew not-so-flattering comparisons to the now-retired Pontiac Aztek, or to something designed in Roblox.

Investors didn't appear to be all-too-impressed with the Cybertruck, with Tesla stock down 3.46%, or $12.28 a share, at $342.55 in premarket trading on Friday.