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Tesla Made the EV Conversation 'Easier:' Audi Executive

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When you think of electric vehicles, chances are you also think about Tesla.

The electric car company, helmed by Elon Musk, is America's best-selling EV company. 

But with the auto industry shifting its focus to electric vehicles, there are now a lot more players in the space. 

That includes Audi, which is actually not new to the electric vehicle space. It debuted its first e-tron back in 2018. 

The company also announced that in Q2, sales of its e-tron were up 87% though overall sales were down year-over-year. 

Spencer Reeder, Audi's director of sustainability, explains how Tesla has opened up the EV conversation. 

Full Transcript Below:

SPENCER REEDER: We celebrate the success Tesla has had. It's made the conversation around vehicle electrification, frankly, easier, both internally and with all of our external stakeholders and our customers. I will tell you something that I think not a lot of people realize, in terms of the number of models in the US market right now. Audi has more than any other automaker.

We have five fully electrified models, really, with the advent of the Q4 e-tron which is-- you asked about price and affordability. It is actually our most affordable all-electric vehicle. And it comes in-- at under $50,000, in terms of its retail price, starting price. So we've got a full range of vehicles across a number of different segments and price points.

And, again, we started this back in the fall of 2018 when we did our first global launch here in the US. Our German colleagues said we want to be in the United States when we launch this first all-electric vehicle, and that's translated into incredible demand over the subsequent four years.

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