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Beyond the Broken Glass: 4 Things to Know About the Tesla Cybertruck

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"We'll fix it in post."

Things didn't go quite as expected when Elon Musk revealed Tesla's much anticipated and highly tweeted electric pickup, Cybertruck.

The electric truck is expected to compete with the Ford (F) F-150, currently the best-selling vehicle in North America.

Riding onto stage like something out of Blade Runner, investors were immediately caught up in the trucks design, which was far more futuristic than many expected, made of "ultra hard, cold-rolled stainless steel."

Highlighting the reaction on social media was a retweet from Microsoft-owned (MSFT) franchise Halo, which likened the truck with vehicles that appear in the military science fiction video game.

"[For] like a hundred years, trucks have been basically the same. We want to try something different. Musk said.

But what really caught social media attention was a demo of the truck's "transparent metal" glass that was suggested to be unbreakable.

Well, there was a bit of a caveat. To showcase the design, Musk had Tesla's head of design Franz von Holzhausen throw a metal ball at the driver's side window. Damage to the window was immediately clear. "It didn't go through. That's the plus side," Musk said in response.

A second try on a rear window delivered similar results. 

Musk said that during the testing process, employees through wrenches and "literally" the kitchen sink at the glass without a problem. For a little weird reason, it broke now, I don't know why," Musk said to laughs.

 While the debacle will likely be candy for Twitter for days to come, the truck isn't going anywhere. Watch the video above for a quick breakdown of what investors can expect from Tesla's Cybertruck.


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