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What Jim Cramer Expects from Tesla's Battery Day

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Jim Cramer is watching a lot of dates in September, but what's top of mind for him? Tesla's 'Battery Day' on September 22, 2020.

In an interview with Tesla Daily Maven Rob Maurer, Cramer said Battery Day is a must-watch. “What’s key to my valuation, Rob, is what Elon Musk will say on September 22,” Cramer said.

According to Maurer, on Battery Day, Tesla  (TSLA) - Get Free Report will announce its battery strategy and share information on manufacturing breakthroughs, including "energy density improvements which have bearings on the range a Tesla vehicle can get."

Investors should have clear expectations headed into the event, said Maurer. There's "a lot of hype going into the event. Investors need to try to understand what those expectations are from the broad Wall Street community, whether they’re expecting some huge technological breakthrough, or whether they’re going to be satisfied with, ‘Okay, here’s our plan to rapidly, capitally, efficiently ramp up to a couple of Terawatt hours of battery production.’ I think there is going to be a lot of technological focus, but I think a lot of it is going to be on that capital efficiency and production ramping angle,” Maurer said.

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So what if Wall Street sets its expectations too high?

“It [Battery Day] may be one of those events where, if you don’t own it, you may want to wait until after, if he doesn’t deliver along the line that people want him to deliver,” Cramer said. 

Tesla's stock has been one to watch throughout 2020 and don't expect that to change any time soon as Wall Street bulls come out in full force ahead of the highly-anticipated event. 

Watch Cramer's full conversation with Tesla Daily's Rob Maurer here.

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