Mergers and acquisitions in the tech space have helped fuel growth in recent years, especially as the cost of debt has remained low.

In fact, over just the past four years M&A activity has totaled more than $16 billion, spearheaded by large scale tech acquisitions like the IBM (IBM - Get Report) and Red Hat deal.

However, even as the macroeconomic space evolves, the nature of the fourth industrial revolution could continue to make company consolidation, both for the purchase of talent and customers, consistently attractive.

For example, Hewlett Packard Enterprises (HPE - Get Report) CFO Tarek Robbiati recently told Real Money that acquisitions will continue for his company as a means of accelerating growth towards IoT and cloud shifts for the legacy business-laden company.

In that vein, maybe no space is as pointed towards the future of technology as the cloud, making it exceedingly important for industry leaders to attack the space head on, often through acquisition.

In order to understand the future for acquisitions amid rising rates and a potential economic slowdown ahead, Real Money's Kevin Curran sat down with GTT Communications President (GTT) and CEO Rick Calder.

Calder's company has made a stunning 19 acquisitions in order to become a leader in global telecoms and cloud communications, rising from a market cap of arounf $20 million upon his accession to the CEO role in 2007 to nearly $2 billion in 2018.

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