Tax Season 2020: Key Dates and Deadlines

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Tax season is upon us, and here are some of the biggest deadlines to keep in mind.

The IRS announced that it would begin processing returns for this tax season on Monday, Jan. 27, 2020. So, you can file any time after that date.

And as always, the majority of the country has until April 15 to submit their returns. But the sooner you file, the sooner you’ll get a tax refund (assuming you’re getting money back).

The refund will generally arrive in your bank account 21 days after the IRS has accepted your tax returns. If you feel so inclined, there are ways to track your tax refund on a desktop or through the IRS’ mobile app. Statuses on tax refunds are updated overnight, per the IRS website.

State tax refunds differ somewhat from federal refunds, so you'll have to check your state's official website to see your state refund status.

Need more time to file your 2019 taxes? You can always file for an extension, which will give you until Oct. 15, 2020 to file.

Tax season can be stressful, but remembering these important deadlines and tips will help.

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