How Tariffs Are Impacting Home Improvement Companies

The CEO of Floor & Decor explains how tariffs and the trade war are impacting home improvement and home retail companies.
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Here's how tariffs are impacting home improvement and home retail companies. 

Tom Taylor, CEO of Floor & Decor (FND) - Get Report , talked to TheStreet about the impact that he's seeing from the China tariffs on home improvement and home retail companies. 

"Certainly, our category is really affected if the next round of tariffs goes through. We've had one round of tariffs go through at 10%. For us, at Floor & Decor, about 50% of what we get is from China so there's a tariff imposed and we were able to negotiate with our suppliers and were able to get concessions, so we were able to absorb 10% pretty easily, but if the 25% [tariff] goes through, we'll either continue negotiating or we'll move where we get the product outside of China," said Taylor.

In his morning show with TheStreet, Jim Cramer said that Larry Kudlow told him that a trade deal with China is close. 

"By the way, how about the fact that he said there's going to be a China deal? Yet the China stocks are down today. I think that's ill-advised selling. He also said there was going to be a China deal the way that my friend Peter Navarro wants," Cramer said. 

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