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Talking Wine With Megadeth's Dave Mustaine

What inspired Megadeth's Dave Mustaine to start Mustaine Vineyards?

It is hard to imagine the world of heavy metal without Dave Mustaine. He founded Megadeth one of the hardest grinding bands in music. When the day comes that Mustaine steps away from the mic, he says he plans to follow a different passion, wine.

He tells TheStreet's David Marcus that he created his Mustaine Vineyards label to provide wine to accompany a concert where he was being backed up by the San Diego Symphony. That wine sold out in days he decided to start the label. He is working with the South Coast Winery and named each bottle after a Megadeth song.

Mustaine said that during his early years he drank enough bad wine and "gut rot," that he knows what he likes when it comes to wine. He is not alone in liking these wines, several of his wines picked up awards in California wine competitions.

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