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Talking Fed: How Investors Should Approach the October Trade Talks

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Let's talk about the Federal Reserve. 

The Federal Reserve is planning to meet on the 29th and the 30th of October. 

Jacob Sonenshine, reporter for TheStreet, and Jeffrey Cleveland, chief economist for Payden and Rygel, sat down with TheStreet to weigh in. 

But first and foremost--what do investors need to be listening for when it comes to Jay Powell's press conference after the rate decision is announced?

"So you have 2019 and 2020, 93% chance we get another rate cut in 2019. If I were an investor, all I want to hear it are words that are very close to, yeah, we're going to get the rate cut. But in 2020, look, we still have economic data that is definitely decelerating. Inflation at around 2% at times a little bit below has been supported by the rate cuts that we've gotten. So that tells you, if I'm an investor in risk assets, I don't want to hear anything that sounds like patience, wait and see. I would want to hear things alluding to, we're definitely thinking about rate cuts in 2020," said Sonenshine.

Watch the video for more. 

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