Take a Piece of Pie: Here's How Much Consumers Shell Out for Holiday Shopping

Have you started holiday shopping yet? Here's how much the average consumer will be spending during the holiday seasons.
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Are you ready for the holidays?

The Christmas music has started, so it's obviously time to start holiday shopping. 

If you Google Black Friday, articles after articles pop up breaking down the "best" deals of the season. 

But, how much are consumers really spending during the holiday season? 

According to BlackFriday.com, 32% of consumers will be spending under $400 on holiday gifts this season.

25% will be spending anywhere from $401 to $800. 

The bigger spenders include 14% of consumers, who will be $801 to $1,200. Meanwhile, 12% will be spending over $1,200.

And, of course, 17% will not be shelling out any money for gifts this holiday season.

Which piece of the pie would you eat?