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Need an iPhone Moment? Take a Bite Into the History of Apple

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While it may feel hard to believe now, once upon a time, every teenager didn't have their eyes glued to an iPhone and the MacBook Pro wasn't the lifeblood of your friendly neighborhood journalist. 

So how did the only reason you know the time in Cupertino revolutionize the tech industry? Dive into the past of what made Real Money Stock of the Day Apple (AAPL) the company it is today.

Founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak--two college drop outs--in 1976, Apple has gone on to challenge the status quo, creating computers that are beautifully designed and user friendly and bringing iPhones to life. 

Here's some quick facts: 

  • Apple's first accomplishment was the Macintosh computer, which was rolled out in 1984. 
  • The iconic iPod wasn't introduced until after Jobs took the reins as CEO. The first edition of the iPod was introduced in 2001. 
  • The iPhone wasn't rolled out until 2007.

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