Syngenta CEO 'Confident' of Closing ChemChina Deal in Second Quarter

Syngenta's CEO said he was 'confident' the company's $43 billion takeover would close in the second quarter.
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Syngenta (SYT)  CEO Erik Fyrwald said Wednesday that he was "entirely confident" the company's $43 billion takeover by China National Chemical Corp. would close in the second quarter of this year and dismissed suggestions it would be disrupted by a third party.

Speaking with CNBC Europe television following the Swiss pesticides group's full-year earnings report, Frywald said he and his colleagues would have the necessary approvals needed for the deal by the April 12 deadline set by the European Union and described talks with Brussels as "very constructive."

"We are entirely confident we are going to get this deal done in the second quarter," Frywald said. "And we completely expect to have [U.S. Federal Trade Commission] approval before the April EU deadline."