"Sustainable investing" are popular buzzwords these days, but there is still a ton of confusion around what exactly it is, according to a recent survey by UBS of more than 5,300 investors.

Investors don't really get it.

So let's help clarify.

There are three major sustainable investment approaches, according to UBS (UBS - Get Report) :

  • Exclusion: Excludes companies or industries from portfolios where they are not aligned with an investor's values 
  • Integration: Integrates environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) factors into the traditional investment processes
  • Impact investing: Invests with the intention of generating measurable environmental and social impact, alongside a financial return 

So we talked with Kathy Entwistle, SVP in UBS' private wealth group, to learn more about which is the best approach for you and your portfolio. 

Plus -- Entwistle told us about how teaching a class got her into the financial advisory world!  

Watch now!

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