Surprise! Women Do Care About Money Says KPMG Study

KPMG's 2019 Women Leadership study found that women prefer money to career titles.
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What's your biggest career motivation?

Is it money? Is it success?

According to KPMG's 2019 Women Leadership study, the majority of women in the workplace are driven by the amount they earn, not the seniority of their title.

Michele Meyer-Shipp, chief diversity officer at KPMG sat down with TheStreet to discuss diversity and how companies can do better. 

When asked what surprised her the most about the findings of KPMG's study, Meyer-Shipp said that she didn't think money would be the biggest motivator for women in the workplace.

"Although the responding women may be reluctant to ask for a salary increase, money remains a top motivator. Indeed, when these women have taken risks, the number one incentive has been the opportunity to make more money. The factor ranks equally high across all experience levels and among women across all ethnic/racial groups," the study said.

It found that, on the other hand, only a quarter of the respondents responded that they'd take more risks for a more senior title or promotion.