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Surgical Solutions CEO on Surgeries Post-Pandemic

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Worried about what your next hospital visit will look like when the coronavirus pandemic is over?

Surgical Solutions CEO Alyssa Rapp weighed in on what surgeries and even hospitals could look like in the future.

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Katherine Ross: As more and more states reopen, one of the places that people are going to be cautious around is obviously the hospital. So what happens if you need to go in for a surgery if you need to go in for a treatment? Well, joining me today to talk about what life will look like after the coronavirus pandemic is Surgical Solutions CEO, Alyssa Rapp. Looking at it from a hospital perspective, especially from a surgery perspective, what is this going to look like post-pandemic?

Alyssa Rapp: I think it depends on the institution. So if, uh, an institution was hit extremely hard by COVID or converted to a COVID-19 dedicated treatment site like some of our partners in New York state, then that coming back to whatever it was, a pre-COVID-19 normal, is going to take months and months, if not a year-plus. In- in cases and in sites where they had some impact of COVID, everyone did. But not overwhelming. Uh, those sites are isolating the COVID-19 patient care to specific wings, specific floors, and specific, uh, portions of the hospital or hospital system, so they're isolated, protected both from a care provider standpoint and the patient standpoint, and everyone else can get back to business as usual. So I really think the answer to what does it look like depends on whether or not you were a dedicated COVID-19 facility or you were a hybrid facility that can isolate the COVID-19 ongoing care and let everything else get back to where it...where it had been.

Katherine Ross: Alyssa, thank you for joining us today. And for more on the coronavirus pandemic, come on over to

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