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Surgical Solutions CEO on Reopening States During Coronavirus Pandemic

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With all 50 states reopening in some shape or form, what will certain businesses look like? How will they be impacted?

Surgical Solutions CEO Alyssa Rapp talked about how her business will be impacted.  She broke it down for TheStreet's Katherine Ross.

Here's the full video transcript:

Katherine Ross: As more and more states reopen, one of the places that people are going to be cautious around is obviously the hospital. So, what happens if you need to go in for a surgery, if you need to go in for a treatment? Well, joining me today to talk about what life will look like after the coronavirus pandemic is Surgical Solutions CEO, Alyssa Rapp. I want to ask, around the reopening plans for states, as of today, we have 50 states reopening. What does that mean for your business?

Alyssa Rapp: It means it's so varied, Katherine. It's so varied. So, in places like Texas and Tennessee, where scheduled cases are coming back at break-neck speeds, it means that our team members are running really hard to provide the same level of pre-op, intra-op, and post-operative support and decontamination services of scopes provided in a normal world. Uh, it also means that in those cases where people are in FMLA, our teams are running a little lean. Not very lean, but a little lean because we're—we're all trying to get through this. It's varied. So, we're still there providing the dedicated care and high, high quality of service that allows our hospital partners to operate as efficiently as possible. And yet, the pace of- of what's coming back varies based on location. So, again, Texas and Tennessee, even western Michigan are coming back, as you'd imagine, far faster than New York City. Although everything is beginning to come back. 

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