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Super League Gaming CEO Ann Hand Explains eSports Economics

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Super League Gaming (SLGG) - Get Super League Gaming Inc. Report CEO Ann Hand understands that investors may not be hip to the eSports model and how lucrative the gaming industry can be for the people in the middle who bring communities of gamers together. 

Super League Gaming offers amateur gamers a platform to compete and form a community through tournaments that are held in theaters and other large even spaces. 

"I mean in some ways there's a lot of things that are very similar to traditional sports. You know, players are playing a tournament fee just like you might pay an entry fee if you joined a recreational type club. There's merchandise, there's brand sponsorships," Hand said. "For Super League what we're doing is finding now that because we have a pretty flexible tournament platform, um, we're finding more and more brands and game publishers are coming to us and asking us to build leagues for them."

But thats not all Super League as the company is going further into the consumer model. 

"The other thing you'll see us doing is moving more into consumer model, because what we're doing aside from generating gameplay, more importantly, we're building a pretty large audience of eSports amateurs who want to watch the highlights in the replay of other East sports amateurs," Hand said.

To hear Ann Hand talk about the business of eSports watch the video above. 

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