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What Is a Super Bowl Indicator?

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First and foremost, a super bowl indicator just means that when one league’s team wins the game, the market does one thing and when the other league is victorious, the market moves differently.

The thing about Super Bowl indicators is that it’s they’re like other market indicators in one way, and unlike those indicators in another way.

Many market indicators can be chalked up to: ‘when x happens, the market does y.’

That doesn’t mean there’s a linkage between the two events, just a correlation. Maybe there’s causation.

For example, when military conflicts occur, the market usually falls at first and the regains over time. That’s because investors fears war because it’s destructive. Then, most military conflicts don’t turn into all-out war. And stocks rise in most years. 

So what happens when the Kansas City Chiefs take on the Tampa Buccaneers on Sunday, February 7? 

We'll find out the Monday after game day...

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