Which Super Bowl Commercials Made the Most of Big Game Ad Time?

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Advertising spend on the Super Bowl is still heavily weighted towards traditional television rather than connected tv, but the smartest brands are using cable to increase the productivity of their connected tv ads.

Super Bowl ad revenue totaled just under $500 million, according to Adweek, with most of that still going towards cable, as viewers still experience the game as a more traditional on-the-couch and in front of the TV experience.

That begs the question of how productive advertising spend can be for brands, as targeting, customer acquisition and sales conversion is far more efficient on streaming over traditional.

Here’s your answer:

“If you want to introduce a product like Coke Energy, if you want to introduce the new Jeep, there’s no other way to reach that people in one moment and make create some word of mouth [in the] morning,” said Mark Douglas, Founder and CEO of Steelhouse, an advertising consulting firm that advises brands on where to place advertising spend.

So what does that leverage mean for those brands?

It likely means better results on ad spend on streaming platforms, increasing the chances the customers buy the product when they see an ad, Doulas said.

“I’m probably going to try Coke Energy. That was really, really good. Everyone is talking about the Jeep commercial because it leveraged ‘Groundhogs Day,’” Douglas added. Jeep is owned by Fiat Chrysler.

As for Amazon’s commercial for its Echo device, “that was a particular good commercial. Given that you can buy them in Whole Foods, they might sell a few this morning when people go to the grocery store,” Douglas said.

TheStreet ranked the best Super Bowl commercials from 2020 with buy and sell ratings.

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