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Super Bowl Commercial: SodaStream's 'The Future Is Bubbling'

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SodaStream, a subsidiary of Pepsi  (PEP) , has released its full length "The Future is Bubbling" commercial ahead of Super Bowl LIV. 

The commercial stars television personality, Bill Nye "The Science Guy." 

“I’m in New York today. I have a SodaStream machine here, I have a SodaStream machine at my house in Los Angeles. And I guess we have two SodaStreams at the Planetary Society, if you will, the office,” he told CNBC via phone last week. Nye uses the machines to make sparkling water.

Nye, the CEO of the Planetary Society will appear briefly in SodaStream’s first Super Bowl spot in several years. 

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SodaStream sells machines to make seltzer water at home, giving consumers the option of injecting different flavors.

 The company’s commercials were banned from the Super Bowl in 2013 and 2014 for throwing shade at its competitors, Coca-Cola  (KO) and Pepsi. Surprisingly, Pepsi ended up buying SodaStream in a deal valued at $3.2 billion.

This year's commercial depicts astronauts discovering water on Mars. A celebration breaks out but quickly dies when someone ends up drinking the water after putting it in a SodaStream. Nye and Alyssa Carson, an 18-year-old astrobiology student training to be part of the first crewed mission to Mars, are guest stars in the spot.

Pepsi has bought advertising at 34 of the 53 Super Bowls played since the inception of the game.

It has produced 92 different commercials for a 3,780 combined seconds of television advertising, according to AdAge. In total it has spent $289.5 million (adjusted for inflation.)

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