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Super Bowl Commercial Preview: Pringles & Adult Swim's 'Rick and Morty'

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Super Bowl LIV is just days away and the subsequent advertisements for the big game continue to be released. Pringles, a subsidiary of Kellogg Company  (K) , Super Bowl commercial starring none other than Rick and Morty, was released earlier this week.

The 30-second spot is created by Adult Swim in partnership with Grey Group and will air during the second quarter of the game.

At the outset of the commercial, Rick, Morty and Summer (Morty's sister) find themselves trapped in an alternate reality that is a Pringles advertisement. The commercial has a theme based on the movie Inception. 

Morty walks into the room as Rick and Summer are watching a Pringles commercial. As he begins to go through his assortment of Pringles' flavors, Rick quickly catches on that his counterpart is a robot. The spot ends with an army of Morty robots swarming around Rick and Summer.

The ad is scheduled to air during the second quarter of the Super Bowl this Sunday, February 2. The brand’s Rick and Morty-inspired Pickle Rick flavor is due to release the same day.

In its third season, Rick and Morty was rated the #1 comedy across all of television with young adults, according to Nielsen. With a fanbase of nearly 50 million viewers, Rick and Morty follows the adventures of an eccentric scientist, Rick and his grandson, Morty, as they travel to infinite and different dimensions. This is where the co-marketing angle comes into play. 

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"Flavor Stacking" pushes fans to find new, creative ways to enjoy their favorite Pringles' flavors, unlocking endless "dimensions of flavor." After two years of utilizing the Flavor Stacking craze in their advertisements, this Super Bowl commercial takes it to the next level by collaborating with Rick and Morty.

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