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Super Bowl Commercial Preview: Hyundai's 'Smaht Pahk'

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The battle for eyes during game time bathroom breaks is already in full force as Super Bowl stalwarts including Budweiser, Doritos and Hyundai have already release their full commercials. 

Hyundai’s new Super Bowl commercial is already going viral by poking fun at the famed Boston accent, loaded with all-star celebrity appearances. 

Massachusetts natives Chris Evans, John Krasinski, and Rachel Dratch are seen arguing in exaggerated Boston accents over whether Krasinski will be able to "pahk" his Hyundai Sonata in a very small parking spot.

Hyundai is touting its new automated “smart parking” feature — or as they call it, “smaht pahking." Thanks to the "smart parking" Krasinski is able to navigate into the tight space. 

“Just hit the clickah, the car pahks itself," Krasinski said with an over the top Boston drawl.  The actors then proceed to rattle off a list of impossible-to-"pahk"-at Boston locations from Gillette Stadium to the Boston Garden. 

Famed Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz also makes a cameo in the commercial. He calls the new feature "wicked smaht" from his apartment window.

TheStreet ranked the best Super Bowl commercials from 2020 with buy and sell ratings.

Hyundai has bought advertising spots for 11 Super Bowl since its inception. It has produced 36 different commercials for 1275 combined seconds of television advertising, according to AdAge. In total it has spent $159.4 million (adjusted for inflation).

"Smaht Pahk" currently has almost 10 million views on YouTube.

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