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Super Bowl Commercial Preview: Amazon's '#BeforeAlexa'

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Amazon  (AMZN) - Get Inc. Report released its full length Super Bowl ad, starring Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi, and it takes us back in time in a world before Alexa, the voice-activated assistant.

The funny commercial is scheduled to run during the third quarter on Sunday, and is 90 seconds long. The ad begins with DeGeneres wondering what life would be like without the always-on Alexa available performing day-to-day tasks. That’s when the commercial takes a trip back in time.

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The ad includes snippets from various periods throughout time, including Victorian England, Elizabethan times, the Old West and the Middle Ages. 

The ad also has political humor heading into an election cycle, touching upon the Watergate scandal. The joke about Nixon is that his assistant Alexa does not erase his tapes.

Amazon has been in the news lately surrounding privacy concerns with Alexa, which is able to record people inside of their homes. Last year, Amazon introduced a feature for users to command Alexa to erase recordings.

This feature would have come in handy had it been around when Nixon was facing his impeachment proceedings.

Amazon doesn't stop there when joking about hot-button political topics. In another skit, the commercial makes fun of “fake news” in history, presumably offering Alexa as an alternative for a reliable news source.

The commercial was first teased last week.

Last year, Amazon was in the Super Bowl with a 90-second spot for Alexa, and it had a more futuristic theme. In that ad, Amazon focused on innovative technology that Alexa would focus on in the future.

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