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Stop Paying High ATM Fees!

ATM fees have hit an 11-year high! But there are ways to avoid paying them. In 60 seconds, we'll tell you how.

ATM fees are now nearly 5% of every $100 you withdraw, according to's annual study of checking accounts throughout the U.S.

Even worse, the average total cost of an out-of-network ATM withdrawal is now $4.69.  That's at an 11 year high!


The good news is you don't have to pay these uber high fees.

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So try to plan ahead the next time you need to hit the ATM.  Go to your bank's machine to avoid all these fees.

If you are not near one of your bank's ATMs, call them and see if they'll waive their out-of-network fees.  If not you need to find another back.  

So listen in to find out which ones have lower fees.

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