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Stocks Versus Stats: Netflix or Green Bay Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers?

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Curious about how stocks and fantasy football interact?

Well, let's compare stocks to the stats of football players. 

In case you missed it, Jim Cramer has launched, a website dedicated to Fantasy Football. 

He and Fantasy Football expert Bill Enright host a show every Tuesday and Thursday to bring Fantasy Football managers all of the advice and knowledge that they need to know to prep their teams. 

But, of course, Cramer can't avoid the stock market. In fact, stocks and fantasy football have quite a bit in common. 

During Thursday's live show, Cramer, Enright and TheStreet's Katherine Ross unveiled a new segment -- stock versus stat. 

The first stock versus stat comparison was the stock of Netflix (NFLX) to Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. 

So why is Cramer not a fan of Netflix?

"The reason why I'm down on it is because they weren't able to estimate themselves how many signups they're going to have. And to me that's like, I want to have at least the guy who says, we know...they are who they said they are," Cramer explained. 

Disrupting the World of Fantasy Sports

Jim picks stocks on Wall Street, now he's picking NFL players for fantasy football! TheStreet and Sports Illustrated Fantasy are teaming up to unveil our new Bull Market Fantasy channel.

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