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How to Pick Stocks Now For a Biden Presidency

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If presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is elected in November, several pressures on the stock market will emerge.

Here’s a guide to Biden's core issues—and how to pick stocks before a possible Biden victory.

Biden plans to raise corporate taxes, which lowers earnings immediately. Look for companies headquartered in non-U.S. countries or companies with such a global footprint that only a small portion of their earnings are taxed in the U.S. According to analysts at RBC Capital Markets, Lululemon  (LULU) - Get Free Report is a nice pick because it’s domiciled in Canada. Mcdonald’s  (MCD) - Get Free Report is a good pick because a considerable portion of its earnings come from Europe and Asia.

Biden also plans to raise taxes on the wealthy: this potentially lowers spend from high-end consumers. Buy lower-end consumer companies. Dollar Tree  (DLTR) - Get Free Report or Dollar General  (DG) - Get Free Report are examples. Walmart  (WMT) - Get Free Report is RBC’s example.

His plan to raise wages pressures operating margins for corporations, but does increase the purchasing power of the consumer. RBC notes that stronger purchasing power for wage workers could work well for consumer spend at Walmart, although Walmart would also have to pay higher wages to employees. We’ll have to see about the net result.

Biden’s stance on renewable energy is a negative for energy companies that can’t make the shift, but a positive for those that are. RBC says Valero  (VLO) - Get Free Report is the second largest renewable diesel producer in the world.

To see the most important investing lesson of all here, watch the quick video above. 

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