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Stock Down? Become a Blockchain and Watch It Soar

Sometimes a business needs to change its strategy to shake things up and get the stock moving again. And adding cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology may just be the kick-in-the-pants it needs. We come up with a list of companies who could benefit from a blockchain boost. Watch!

Is your company's stock down this year? Well think about becoming a blockchain and watch it soar.

Seriously, it's worth thinking about.  Long Blockchain (LTEA) , Long Island Iced Tea Corp., announced a pivot from its beverage business to the exciting new world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology and saw its shares rocket as much as 500%.

The stock did settle back to a more modest 275% gain. But still. Maybe the company is on to something.

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And that got us thinking about other companies that could use blockchain to give its stock a boost. 

Watch the video above to see our picks - and please let us know which companies you think could benefit from a blockchain boost. 

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