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What Happens if You Don't Return the Stimulus Check Received From the IRS by Mistake?

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Most of the American population has by now received a stimulus check which is the part of the $2 trillion total spending package approved by Congress and signed by President Donald Trump.

However, there have been several news reports of the deceased receiving the stimulus checks. In addition to this, non-resident aliens and incarcerated people - who are ineligible for this payments - have also mistakenly received the payment from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). 

The IRS, in its newly released guidelines, has urged people to return the money back 'immediately.'

But what if you don't return it?

Interestingly, the IRS has not outlined any consequences for not returning the check.

However, it has given the guidelines on how one should return the payment.

In regards to the payment received by the deceased, the family members can return the payment. 

The IRS added this question on its Economic Impact Payment Information Center: Does someone who has died qualify for the payment? 

The answer is: No. 

The IRS further added: A payment made to someone who died before receipt of the payment should be returned to the IRS by following the instructions in the Q&A about repayments. Return the entire payment unless the payment was made to joint filers and one spouse had not died before receipt of the payment, in which case, you only need to return the portion of the payment made on account of the decedent. This amount will be $1,200 unless adjusted gross income exceeded $150,000. 

Watch the video above to see how to return the stimulus check.

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