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Steph Curry, Under Armour Team Up in Metaverse As Musk, Dorsey Target Web3

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In the latest episode of the Crypto Minute, Ross Mac of Maconomics, broke down the latest NFT move from Under Armour  (UAA) - Get Under Armour, Inc. Class A Report, Web3’s latest critics and the rise of NFT gaming.


Under Armour is getting ready to step in the NFT lane while Jack Dorsey and Elon Musk just rained on the Web 3.0 parade.

Hold on Nike and Adidas...Here comes Under Armour..To celebrate Steph Curry's record breaking three-point record, Under Armour is releasing the world's first cross-platform metaverse sneaker. There will be 2,974 of the "Genesis Curry Flow" NFTs launched and will be digital replicas of the shoe that Curry was wearing when he broke the record. The shoes are priced at $333 USD each....If this goes well for them, maybe they just just focus on NFTS and the metaverse because they haven't had much success in the real world.

Jack Dorsey fired some shots at Web3 on tuesday. Web3 is the term used by believers--including VC firm Andressen Hororiwitz -that tech companies will be replaced with a decentralized system of blockchains. Dorsey said that no one, aside from the VCs and IPs owns Web3 and Elon Musk backed Dorsey up with a tweet of his own...First billionaires were fighting over who would go to space first...Now let's see if they fight over the metaverse.

A report from the Blockchain Gaming Alliance shows that 22% of nft trading volume in the third quarter went towards blockchain gaming. NFT games generated around $2.32 billion in revenue just between July and September....Next year will probably be even more. 

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