While Some States Are Reopening, Other States Hold Steadfast Amid COVID-19

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First it was the toilet paper, then the baking supplies and now the beaches.

The coronavirus pandemic has slowly taken away something from all of us; basic necessities, freedom to move about the country and unfortunately for many, even jobs.

As some statistics say the apex has passed, more than a dozen states are re-opening this weekend. 

It's a plan that they hope will get life back to a somewhat normal one.

Down in Georgia it sounds like life will be peachy again as businesses like gyms, hair salons and barbershops are opening. It's leaving a lot of us wishing we could buzz by.

Other states like New Mexico and Wyoming are following suit.

It may be a long shot but the NBA is even discussing opening practice facilities this month in states easing its stay at home orders. A call we would ALL cheer for.

Although this lift will help businesses increase sales- it could also increase the number of COVID 19 cases- a risk that some states like New Jersey and California aren't willing to take.

California is known for its beautiful weather but with Governor Gavin Newsome's indefinite stay at home order, no one can enjoy it. 

He's even taking extra measures to prevent the spread by closing beaches in Orange County. It's a burn Californians aren't happy with.

In the city that never sleeps, well it will continue to at least until May 15. 

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo has made it clear he will extend the "NY PAUSE" initiative in many parts of the state, leaving Lady Liberty to be unseen like the rest of us.

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