Sprint and T-Mobile Could Revisit a Possible Deal in 2017, Says Analyst

Telecom companies could be winners in 2017, and Sprint and T-Mobile may reconsider their merger, according to one analyst.
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Sprint ( (S) - Get Report ) and T-Mobile ( (TMUS) - Get Report ) may revisit the idea of merging in 2017 according to Angelo Zino, an equity analyst with CFRA. Zino believes the make up of the FCC will change under a Trump administration, and he expects it will be more friendly to mergers. Zino also expects net neutrality rules will face pressure, and a change in policy would benefit all the wireless providers, including AT&T ( (T) - Get Report ) and Verizon ( (VZ) - Get Report ).  If net neutrality rules are altered, Zino believes content providers like Netflix ( (NFLX) - Get Report ) and Google ( (GOOGL) - Get Report ) would be hurt.