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Spotify Ranks The Most Popular Christmas Songs

Each December, Spotify ranks the most popular Christmas songs by country, state, even age group. So watch our video to see if Mariah beat Elvis.

Every year when December hits, Christmas music sees a drastic rise in popularity, according to research done by Spotify.

But which songs are the most popular? Is it Mariah Carey's 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' or Elvis Presley's 'Blue Christmas."

And who does the most downloading? It's probably no surprise that older fans listen to more holiday fare than younger listeners.  Soon enough the millennials will love Bing Crosby too.

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It seems Spotify users have created over 18 million Christmas-themed playlists and in case you're looking for a good one, the most popular seasonal playlist on Spotify is Christmas Classics

To learn more, watch  -- and listen -- to the video above!

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